Snovi Group Ltd. was established in 2012 by certified pharmacists with wide experience in GMP, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Devices best practice, as well as with registration of Food supplements/Dietary supplements and Cosmetics.
Our team consists only of professionals who are constantly upgrading their skills. Our specialists attend training courses both in Latvia and abroad, in EU and non-EU countries. Training organized by Latvian State Agency of Medicines, EMA, ISoP and DIA are attended on a regular basis. This allows us to be up to date all the time, to be in line with the legislation and to understand the law in the right way. Our experience, knowledge and understanding allow us to solve problems promptly, without delay and to keep one step ahead at all times.

Snovi Group Ltd. may be your partner for fast and qualitative regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance solutions. In our hands, your product will be safe and always in line with the legislation.